FTW: Weight lifting tracking apps

What it is:

There are various apps available that can track, plan, and instruct your weight lifting routines.

How it works:

While there are dozens of apps to choose from, most worthwhile apps have the following features:

Journal for progress
Suggested routines/lift pairings
Instructions for lifting techniques

Why it works:

While it seems very basic, using these apps helps one stay honest and track progress. The point of weightlifting is to get better every week, and these help monitor those #gains (progress is a terrific motivator). Additionally, they can be a great reference when trying new lifts or breaking up the routing

Where to learn more:

For iphone, I use the Strong app, as it has everyone one could want (for free!)
The JEFIT app is also a great resource I use often, as it has great tracking and reporting tools.

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