Meta: Jim Cooks Food Good, and Works Out Good too

Fair warning: this is a meta post. If you are here just for the recipes, make yourself some gnocchi and have a good day.

Today is the 6 month anniversary of the day when we decided to move from the Chicago area to Michigan, and the purpose of JCFG really took shape. Before, the site and IG were grainy pictures of dinner and a few dozen friends who likely shared that dinner with us. After, the site took on a whole new personal vision.

When we moved, I had two goals for JCFG; to be an avenue to help immerse within a new community, and to be the site that I needed during the infancy of my fitness, and frankly life, journey. On the former, I couldn’t be more pleased at how the interactions I’ve made through JCFG have translated into real relationships with those who make this wonderful community amazing.

The latter, however, requires some backstory. As i explain in my bio, fitness was not always a priority of mine. Around 8 years ago, I decided to change my life through a deeper understanding of nutrition and fitness. It was a long, arduous battle, but I was able to change my life, in all aspects, for the better.

Looking back, what I wish I had available to me during that time was a resource, someone else who understood my intentions but could help guide my frustrations into positive energies. I am no all knowing sage or fitness expert, but I am a dude who has turned his life around, who fully embraces “the struggle”.

With that, here in 2019 there will be a change in the theme and attitude of JCFG. I will still post recipes for healthy weeknight dinners and blissful cheat day brunches to be sure. But I will also be purposeful to post about my continuing fitness journey, my rebound from 2 years of a relentless job and new family demands on my time (though I wouldn’t trade my time my time with my daughter in for anything). Maybe no one will embrace the advice and experience I share. But if there’s just one person to whom my advice can aid their fitness and life’s journey, then the words will be worth it thousands of times over. So, friends, here’s to a year of food good, fitness good, and life, good.


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