What I’m In to: Cryotherapy Part II

Getting old is the worst. As I detailed, 2019 has greeted me with a few odd injuries. One of those injuries is a pinched nerve, causing me some significant leg pain, especially in the evening. Imagine your leg going asleep, then coming to, over and over again. Recently I started using cryotherapy as one of my tools to combat this injury, and based on the responses I received from you all, I thought I would go into detail about what I experienced.

Note: Before I started Cryotherapy, I consulted my team of medical professionals and it was determined I could be a candidate for this treatment. You should do your homework and consult your team of medical professionals before starting any treatment routine. Your results may be different than mine.

I entered a whole body chamber full of dry, fresh air. I stayed in the chamber of -100 degree air for ~3 minutes, which lowered my skin temperature briefly over 30 degrees. These were the same results I had when I’ve used ice baths (which can take well over twice as long), for example, though much much less painful! The experience wasn’t bad; it felt like getting in a very cold swimming pool. The super cold temperatures helped with some of the swelling and pain I experienced with my leg fairly significantly!

I will continue to document my journey with cryotherapy, but after treatment one, I am a fan. My pain was much lower that evening, and I am optimistic that cryotherapy will be a useful tool in my recovery. If you want to learn more, check out the link here (I met with Jason at USCryotherapy here in Kalamazoo, who was awesome, very informative, AND passed along a cool bundle for individuals new to cryo).

This testimony and journal of my experience is my own; while I gained permission from USCyrotherapy to post about my journey, they have not sponsored me nor this post.

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  1. Thanks for explaining how cryotherapy feels like getting in a cold swimming pool. My wife has been experiencing a leg injury from a car crash that has resulted in swelling. We will have to look into if cryotherapy would be an option for recovery for my wife.

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