What I’m In to: Cryotherapy

A bit of backstory: 2019 has been a particularly rough one for me injury wise. I’ll suppose it has to do with getting back into working out full time regularly for the first time in a long while, coupled with repeatedly picking up a big 1 year old (you’re supposed to lift in a twisting, jerking motion using only your back, right??). So when I was dealing with a very sore finger and what turned out to be a pinched nerve causing significant leg pain, I was forced to make more calls to the doctor in a few weeks than I had in years.

For the pinched nerve, my consulted medical professionals recommended a variety of treatments for stretching and reduction of swelling.. which led me to: Cryotherapy*

Why I like it:
I’ll be honest, I’m not one who is big on medications and the like. If some of my best friends weren’t doctors, I probably would like them considerably less also. So, when the options I had in front of me were things like physical therapy, medication, and maybe surgery, you know PT was my first choice. And after exploring my options and talking to said medical professionals, I decided that cryo was part of my solution.

What it is:
Cryotherapy, simply, is the use of ultra cold air in a physical therapy application to (in my case) reduce swelling, along with a myriad of other benefits (which you can learn about here).

Where you can find it: 
Cryotherapy is becoming more and more mainstream; a quick google will direct you to your closest options (personally I attended USCyro in Kalamazoo).

In the coming weeks, I’ll be detailing my journey with cryotherapy. If you are like I was a few days ago, you’re undoubtedly curious about this newer technology and its health benefits.

*Disclaimer: Before I started Cryotherapy, I consulted my team of medical professionals and it was determined I could be a candidate for this treatment. You should do your homework and consult your team of medical professionals before starting any treatment routine. Your results may be different than mine.

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