What I’m Into This Week: Cube Graters

What it is:

It’s a box grater, only actually shaped like a box. Most have multiple grating surfaces, from a microplane to a much larger ribbon and all in between.

Why I like it

Size is everything. It’s fairly small, so it fits in every drawer. It can all but replace traditional box graters and microplanes as well. Most designs have a clear window with graduations to better measure out.

What You can do with it

Zest a lemon, grate some cheese, ribbon some zucchini, anything you could use a handheld grater for, this rocks. I use it very often, including in my Caesar Dressing recipe 

Where You can find it

I like the model linked below, which is very affordable, dishwasher safe, and is a very compact 3”x3”x3”.

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