What I’m into this week: Everything Bagel Seasoning

I know I’m not the first to the party here with Everything Bagel Seasoning (The Trader Joe’s version has a cult-like following after all), but after being gifted some from my favorite bagel place, and it being the only seasoning we had unpacked from our recent move for a week, I have, once again, seen the light.

What it is:
EBS recipes slightly vary, but the base is a combination of:
Poppy Seeds
Sesame Seeds
Dried Garlic
Dried Onion
While it is easily made, I’ve found that, per ounce, it’s slightly cheaper to buy the premade EBS than assemble yourself.

Why I like it
EBS is great because it provides a big bomb of earthy, nutty flavor and a subtle crunch to whatever you add it to.

What You can do with it
EBS is great on popcorn, adds a nice crunch to a sandwich, finishes well on eggs and grilled veggies, the sky is the limit. Getting more adventurous, Justin Warner has a great recipe in his cookbook using salmon and EBS. Epicurious recommends using EBS on your avocado toast (provided you meet the proper Millennial qualifications).

Where You can find it
You can find EBS everywhere, though I will caution, not all are made alike. Check the salt content before purchasing, as some cheaper ones will be nothing but flavored salt. I prefer either the King Arthur or the Trader Joe’s blends (link below!).

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