TL;DR: I (Jim) am the author of this site. Occasionally, I cook food, and am often told it’s good. This site has cool recipes on how to make fit food fun and satisfying.

Hi. I’m Jim.

In 2010, I was, in a word, worthless. I was drastically overweight, a loser at my job, and did nothing but play XBOX and eat Domino’s.  That year, I vowed to turn my life around, in part by exercising and eating food that wasn’t served in an edible bowl. The challenge? How did I continue to eat tasty, interesting food and still meet my fitness goals?

My solution (which admittedly took some tough years to get to) was to start creating food that was a little healthier, but still interesting and comforting (anyone who can’t get off the couch after leg day knows the need for a culinary hug). Through trial, error, and a lot of ground turkey, I, Jim, found that it was possible to cook food in ways that were good: “good” for you, tasted “good”, and made you feel “good”.

I created JCFG to house not only the meals and recipes I have developed over the past few years, but to be a place to share my ongoing journey of health and fitness. My hope is that you find something here to relate to, and maybe even get inspired to cook some food, good.