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Hello! Welcome to Jim Cooks Food Good, a brand committed to healthy living and eating. This blog created in July 2018 is home to recipes and posts focused on “real life cooking” written for people who have families to adventurous world travelers and everywhere in between.

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The Stats:

Jim Cooks Food Good (JCFG) has grown over 100% *per month* since inception in 2018. In this time, I’ve written/tested recipes for major food brands (Racconto Foods, US Beef Council, Banza), collaborated with world renowned chefs, and am currently contributing to a cook book for a major international food appliance brand.

JCFG has ~250,000 annual Pinterest views, ~4,000 Instagram followers (with over 10% ER), and similar Twitter/Facebook numbers. 2/3 of my following is from the USA (Michigan, New York, California) with the other 1/3 being European (UK, Italy). Most viewers are 20-35 with well above average income rates (based on user volunteered data). These numbers too have grown at 100% monthly and show no signs of slowing!

I am open to a host of collaboration ideas: IG posts, specialized blog articles, etc. With such a high SM presence, one post can mean thousands of views! I am eager to partner and grow my brand with yours!

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