The Food Good Cookbook

Food Good Cookbook

May I present: The Food Good Cookbook; Healthy Comfort Food Reimagined!

I love food. If you’ve known or followed me for any amount of time, this is a massive understatement. To me, food is a love language, and one of the only things in existence that can supply physical, emotional, and sometimes even spiritual needs (try my lasagna if you doubt the spiritual part).

The best things we eat contain a little love, and a little balance. Love can come from a comfort food classic, something that reminds us of the days when we could eat an entire pizza, then go play outside for three hours. Love can also come from cooking for/with, say, your new family (which, if you can get over the inevitable mess, is fully recommended).

Balance in our food begins well before any seasonings and textures. The food we make must fit into whatever lifestyle constraints we may have, be it caloric, dietary, or simply the time it takes to make a meal. This balance is where I struggled through the first several years of my adult life, and part of what prompted me to create Jim Cooks Food Good, and now The Food Good Cookbook, Healthy Comfort Food Reimagined!

The 50+ recipes in The Food Good Cookbook are created with love and balance in mind. They are intended to be comforting, yet mindful of dietary and caloric preferences. The recipes are meant to be cooked with minimal fuss yet are full of opportunities to try something new. These elements are the heart of what truly encompasses a Healthy Comfort Food cookbook.

In The Food Good Cookbook, you’ll find fun, fit, and comforting dishes such as:

-Sweet Potato Gnocchi

-Korean Sloppy Joes

-Chicken Étouffée

-Hard Cider Marinated Pork Chops

-Chopped Waldorf Salad

Recommended Recipes

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